Sunday 7 July 2019

Magical Door To Narnia

Well it is the summer, which means a few things...

1. Far too hot
2. Far too many dogs
3. Far too many idiots
4. Far too few donations....

Every year it is the same, I know its coming, but bam it hits me like a freight train out of control. Everyone I know is in the same position, exhausted, broke, and FULL. Yet I still get messages everyday begging me to take more dogs, with pleas of "but we are full, and you are the only one that can help" and I sit there and wonder, do they think I have a magical door to Narnia, where I can take infinite dogs.

Fatigue and compassion wears you down, and the thought of what will happen to the dogs if I say no, wears my soul down. I cannot save them all, and although I know this, I also know many will die this summer. The faces of the dogs that I have had to say no to, haunt me. When I utter the words I simply cannot save them all, it is nothing but a line to try and ease my guilt.

Everything during the summer months suffer, my personal life, my bank balance, and my mental health all take a hit. So, if I lash out, ignore you or forget to get back to you entirely, take a moment and think why. Do not judge, until you are stood in my shoes having to decide who lives and who dies.

Many dogs lost their lives last week, for nothing more than a lack of space in the pounds and rescues. All because neutering is not heard of, and people treat dogs like an item they can get rid of when bored. So, whilst everyone enjoys the long summer days, and warmer weather, I pray for the summer months to rush by, or maybe for that magical door to Narnia.

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