Friday 2 August 2019

When They Want To Live

Three months ago I was brought a very sorry looking little Yorkshire Terrier, she had been found on the road, discarded like rubbish. She had no hair, was blind and deaf and looked so sorry for herself. I took her to the vet, we did bloods, and his face said it all.

Rati as she was christened by the vet was one very poorly little girl, she had kidney issues, and was really on her last legs. As I looked at this small rat like dog, I just knew she wanted to live.
So, I told the vet I was taking her home for the weekend to see how she went, if she didn't give up, I would support this decision.

From the moment she went into recovery, Rati had a fight for life that I don't see that often, she ate like a horse, wandered around, and although she wobbled, and looked odd there was something about this little warrier. On Monday I took her back, and although the vet was impressed she had survived the weekend, his diagnosis was the same.

He told me she had weeks, and to take her home, and let her decide when she wanted to leave us. So, off I went, and Rati came into the house, as I thought well, she only has weeks, she might as well do it in comfort.

Needless to say we are now three months on, and Rati is still with us, her hair has grown back, she is a diva, trapped in a teeny body. This tiny little dog has proved that no matter what we think as humans, when they want to live they will defy everything.

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