Tuesday 12 March 2019

Dog Fest 2019

I am convinced that my best ideas are hatched when alcohol is involved, and Dog Fest 2019 was no different. CBH and I were sat one night, few ciders later and not only was I going to take over the world, but we had come up with an idea for everyone that has adopted to meet up. 

We thought that throwing a complete load of strangers together, in a field, with dogs of all ages, personalities, and sizes, was the best idea ever. Fast forward four months, and the reality was born. So, there is me in 3c in a muddy field in Oxford, thinking WTF. 

Yes, I got on a plane, did a two hour drive, and stood with a group of insane but amazing people to celebrate one thing, my amazing dogs. I didn't tell anyone I was coming for several reasons, me getting on a plane and going anywhere can change up until the last second, also I didn't want it to be about meeting me. 

Now that sounds big headed, but as proved, since coming back, many people have messaged and said "oh if I had known you were going I would have gone" no guys you were supposed to go for the dogs, for the UK team and for each other.

The day was everything I wanted it to be, it was happy other than the moans of its cold. People were smiling, dogs were causing chaos, and friendships made, between people that would not normally have met. I always say when you adopt one of my dogs you become part of the crazy Pet Pals GC family. 

It was also great for me to meet many of my UK team, sadly not all could be there, but they all do an incredible job, helping to get these dogs homes. I also got to meet adopters that I speak to often, and it is surreal meeting someone lives in your PC. 

Needless to say that we ended up in the pub after the event, watching the snow falling through the window, muttering we really should make a move for at least four hours! Finally we braved the weather, left the comfort of the pub, and all went our separate ways.
As I battled the M25 for another two hours (what is so fucking smart about a motorway that you have to do 40 on I will never know) I was exhausted but incredibly proud of every foster mum, adopter, but mostly my dogs. They looked amazing, they behaved so well, and they reminded me why I do what I do day in day out.

Thank you everyone...... Dog fest 2020 will be later in the year next year (due to weather) see you all there! 

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