Thursday 23 May 2019

Dogs Are So Forgiving

We could learn so much from dogs, other than to pee on people we don't like, and to sleep a lot. Dogs are amazing, and some forgive so easily, regardless of what they have been through. I have a dog here at the moment that has every right to hate humans, but he sees them, wags his tail, and greets them like long lost friends.

A few months ago a dog was in all the newspapers here, he was on every TV channel, and of course social media went insane. This dog had been found by the police in a rubbish bin in the city. That's not unusual for this island sadly, but what made this case so different was the state of the dog.

The dog had been tied up so he could not move, defend himself, or run away. He was then repeatedly raped with what is suspected to be a metal pole. He was then beaten so badly with the metal pole that they crushed his skull. After they had finished they threw him in the bin to die. 

When he was found everyone thought his chances of survival were slim, he entered the main pound.

I read the article, shuddered, muttered WTF a lot, and moved on with my life. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was asked to help a dog at the pound that was "special"

At first I had no idea who the dog was, but as they begun to explain the penny dropped. I was looking at the dog in the photos from the news articles, but he certainly didn't look the same. The transformation was amazing, and he was so happy.

Of course I said I would help, when do I ever say no! GI Joe as I have named him due to his amazing fighting spirit is an incredible dog. He is so friendly, so loving, and needs a home to call his own. Whoever is lucky enough to adopt this dog, can learn so much from him!

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